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Canadian Sidecar Owners Club - News Page

Canadian Sidecar Owners Club - Joining the CSOC

Types of Memberships

Free members can sign up for our mailing list (See form below), join our Forum, and participate in our events.

If you purchase a $15 dollar membership (Optional Yearly Renewal) you gain only a few benefits (such as a membership card, discount at participating sponsors - currently Old Vintage Cranks in Acton, Ontario - and a discount at paid CSOC events when they occur, when financially possible.) The money paid will go directly to club expenses such as the web site, and will help us to continue to provide a forum for Sidecar enthusiasts. This is optional, and while we appreciate the contribution towards the club you are free to use our forum and ask questions of us without joining.

We are currently working on an option for a higher paid membership that will include CSOC branded items or sidecar related items. (Such as a sidecar ballcap, a CSOC T-shirt, or other items.) If you would be interested in this option, please let us know.)(

To join the CSOC, please send letter to the folowing address. (Response may take a few weeks or more as signups are volunteer run.)

Please include your name, address, phone number, email address (double check this please), and the type of rig you drive.

Canadian Sidecar Owners Club

C/O Terry Brinklow, CSOC President

294 Bridge St.

West Napanee, ON



All Memberships above the free level, will be renewed yearly if you desire to the same address, for the same rate (unless you choose a different option.)


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